Last-Minute Social Media Templates for Your Year-End Fundraising Campaign

Updated December 19, 2023

Social media can benefit charities that want to maximize their year-end fundraising campaigns and start the following year on a positive note. December is a crucial fundraising period for many charities, especially the last week of the month. In fact, in the last two years, donations through CanadaHelps from the 28th to the 31st of December accounted for over eight percent of annual revenue for charities. 

So, to help charities spread the word and raise more, CanadaHelps is providing tips and last-minute social media templates that you can simply copy and paste for all the major social media channels, including Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram!

Table of Contents

Social Media Tips

Use Images or Video

Try to include images or videos as much as you can to help ensure your post is engaging. On Facebook, posts with images get 2.3x more engagement than those without!

Adding multimedia is especially important for Instagram as it’s a visual platform compared to Twitter or LinkedIn, which are more text-heavy. Some great ways to show the good your charity does is to include photos from volunteering events or even pictures of your team. You can also get creative by writing out the ask in an eye-catching text-only image, like in the examples below.

Include a Call-to-Action (CTA)

On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you can add a CTA directly in your post to provide a direct link to a donation form or other parts of your website. Especially for Twitter, use tools like Bitly to shorten your links and help stay under the 280-character limit. 

On Instagram, you can share a link to your website or donation form by adding a link sticker to your Instagram Stories. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open Instagram and click the plus button to create a new post
  2. Select STORY from the menu at the bottom of your screen and upload your content
  3. Tap the Sticker icon at the top of your screen

  1. Tap the LINK sticker
  2. You can add a link and customize the link button here 
  3. For example, we’ve added a link to and a Donate now button
  1. You can tap on the link button to change the style!

Now with these tips in your back pocket, you’re ready to help drive more awareness and more donations with our social media templates below!

Social Media Templates

The Holiday Gift Post

This is a great way to encourage your supporters and for them to express their generosity this holiday by donating a tangible gift online through your charity’s gift guide. Donors are more inclined to give when they know their contribution will make a real difference. So let them know the perfect last-minute holiday gift is just a few clicks away.

Don’t have a gift guide set up? Click here to learn how.

When to Post: 2-3 days before December 25 December 22


This holiday, consider donating a last-minute gift to make a lasting impact. For [Insert Dollar Amount], you could help provide [Insert Gift], which will [Insert Donation Impact]. You can even send the gift on behalf of a loved one!

Send a Gift: [Insert Gift Campaign Link]

The Tax Incentive Post

Donors receive up to 53% back in tax credits when they donate and claim their 2023 tax receipt. Be sure to communicate this tax incentive in this social media post! Want more tax-time ideas? Click here to download the CanadaHelps Ultimate Tax-Time Toolkit.

When to post: About a week before December 31

There’s still time! You’re still eligible for a tax receipt. When you donate before Dec. 31 and claim your tax receipt, you could receive up to 53% back in tax credits. Help us help others so you can help yourself to a charitable tax credit!

Donate now: [Insert Donation Form Link]

The Thank You Post

Use this post to thank your donors and supporters, and remind them of how crucial they are to the success of your organization.

When to post: 2-3 days before December 3

Thank you for an incredible 2023. Thanks to supporters like you, we’ve made huge strides and gotten one step closer to achieving [Insert Mission]. There’s still time to donate and help us start 2024 on a positive note! Thank you again!

Donate now: [Insert Donation Form Link]

The Accomplishments Post

With only days before the 2023 donation deadline, remind your supporters of any milestones or achievements your charity accomplished this year to help encourage one final donation from them.

When to post: 2-3 days before December 31

Thanks to donors like you, we achieve [Insert Achievements]. Every donation helps and enables us [Insert Mission]. Please consider making one final donation before the new year to keep the momentum going!

 Donate now: [Insert Donation Form Link]

The Urgent Post

Here is your opportunity to make one final push before the end of the year.

When to post: December 31

You have until midnight! There isn’t much time left to make a tax-back donation. Please consider making a last donation before 2023 comes to a close. Thank you for your continued support - we can wait to start making a difference in 2024!

Donate now: [Insert Donation Form Link]

Final Thoughts

Phew, you made it! 

Remember, social media will help you cast a wider net and connect with a massive audience. Posting even one of these templates wherever you are in your social media campaign will help ensure you’re reaching as many potential donors as possible. Good luck and happy holidays!

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