Increase your charity’s fundraising revenue

A donation of securities is a gift of stocks, bonds or mutual funds which a donor can make to your organization. Since capital gains taxes don’t apply, your charity receives the full fair market value when the security is sold, and donors get a tax receipt reflecting their larger contribution.

Benefit from the rapidly growing
securities donation market

Join thousands of charities raising more accepting gifts of securities -- donations of securities grew by 91% in 2021 alone!

A new revenue stream to reach your fundraising goals
By helping your donors discover the benefits of donating securities—and how easy it is to do—you can realize growth in revenue while helping your supporters maximize their potential tax savings.
Save time with a simplified donation process
CanadaHelps makes accepting gifts of securities and mutual funds easy. All you need to do is create a donation form in your CanadaHelps Charity account, embed it on your website, and invite your donors to support your charity with a gift of securities. We take care of the rest!
Major benefits exist for your donor base
By donating securities directly to your charity instead of selling them and donating the proceeds, the capital gains tax charged to the donor can be eliminated. This means more money for your charity and greater charitable tax credit (for the full market value) for the donor.
Trusted and
We’ve been powering online giving in Canada for over 21 years, and we’ve been facilitating gifts of securities since 2007 – right after the charitable tax incentives were introduced. Over 27,000 charities trust CanadaHelps for all their fundraising and donor management needs.

How securities donations work with CanadaHelps

Donors will be asked to provide some basic information. The online tool will automatically produce a “letter of direction”.

The broker/financial institution transfers the shares from the donor’s investment account to CanadaHelps. 

The donor signs the letter of direction and sends it to their broker/financial institution. 

CanadaHelps facilitates the sale of the securities, issues the tax receipt, keeps the donor informed at each process step, and transfers the proceeds to the charity’s bank account.

Get the information you need to start developing a strategy to accept donations of securities

In this comprehensive white paper by CanadaHelps and sector experts, you’ll get everything you need to start accepting this type of donation.

You will learn the following:

What securities are and why they are important for charities and donors;

How you can develop a strategy and leverage key tactics;

The benefits to your donors;

Resources to help your outreach efforts; and,

How CanadaHelps simplifies donations of securities.

Just one low transaction fee
between 2-3% applies.

The fee charged on donations of securities depends on the size of the gift:

3% applies to donations less than $10,000; 2.5% fee applies to donations between $10,000-$49,999; 2.25% fee applies to donations between $50,000-$99,999; 2% fee applies to donations of $100,000+.

NOTE: The donor’s broker may or may not also charge a fee.