10 Best Uses of the CanadaHelps Donation Form

Customizable Donation Forms - while they’re not the only fundraising solution we offer, they’re probably what CanadaHelps is best known for! We’re proud to provide these powerful and easy to-use forms to Canadian charities, and even prouder to see the wonderful ways charities have made them their own.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your donation page, whether it’s an embedded donation form, multi-step or tribute form, look no further!

Embedded Donation Forms

One of the best ways to use our forms is to embed them directly onto your website. This keeps traffic on your site and promotes a more seamless experience when visitors are ready to give. The fully customizable form means that the form looks and feels like a part of the page. There is a lot of flexibility with the information, images and donation details you can place both on the page and on the form.

1. Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy

We love Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy’s use of the embedded donation form. The green accents blend in seamlessly with the Toronto Zoo’s branding and the rest of the site. You can see they have customized the donation amounts to try and net some larger donations.

2. Ecosource

Ecosource has made great use of the image feature to show the benefit of their programs. To gain more information from their supporters, they have added a custom question field “What is your motivation for supporting Ecosource today” - this could be a great source of information for them to develop future content that appeals to their supporters.

Multi-Step Donation Forms

Multi-step forms help to break up the process so donors are guided step-by-step through giving a donation, this can be less of a barrier for some donors. Because it’s easy to set up either type of form, we encourage you to test between different types of forms to see what works for your audience.

3. Alberta Dreams

Alberta Dreams has written a great impact message which is short and succinct - directly communicating their mission. They have also added callouts in their form which gives clear examples of what each donation amount could help to cover.

4. Good Neighbors Canada

Good Neighbors Canada is a power-user of the CanadaHelps fundraising tools. From being one of the first adopters of our Donor Management System, to creating some of the best multi-step donation forms to support all their various humanitarian causes and projects. We love their use of different colours for each of their causes and how well the form blends with the aesthetics of the rest of the page. We also love the use of the progress bar which shows how close they are to each goal. Learn from Good Neighbors Canada and launch an optimized form for each of your appeals. 

5. Calgary Food Bank

The Calgary Food Bank form is clean and minimalist, fitting in nicely next to the various ways visitors can support the charity. While it is short and simple it provides all the options needed to make a recurring donation, donate to a specific fund, leave a message or dedicate the donation.

6. Camp Luther

Choosing a Multi-Step form doesn’t mean you can’t use your beautiful image assets. Camp Luther has put their donation form on top of a fun picture.

Tribute Giving Forms

Did you know that 8% of donations made through CanadaHelps are tribute gifts, given in memory or in honour of friends and family? That’s why we’ve made it easy for charities to accept tribute gifts with our tribute-first giving forms that allow you to set a custom selection of cause-based eCards.

7. Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter

Northern Lights Wildlife Shelter has made great use of images of animals that they have rescued in this Tribute First style donation form. These eCards make it clear the cause that was donated to and can add a wonderful touch for the recipient. 

8. Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society

Don’t have any of your own images to use? We have you covered. We provide tasteful default images for many different occasions such as Sympathy, Christmas and Birthdays. As seen here on Grande Prairie Palliative Care Society’s Donation Page, a tribute first form does not hinder the styling functions of the customizable donation form. 

Linked Donation Pages

9. 541 Eatery & Exchange

541 Eatery & Exchange have used a beautiful image of their building as the backdrop for their linked donation page. Using a linked donation page can allow you to showcase your image assets and reduce any distractions a donor might have on an embedded donation page.

10. Nature Trust

Nature Trust is another organization that has used their images to their full potential on a linked donation page. Coupled with their copy, the ask is highly impactful and helps people imagine the future that they are contributing to.

Bonus: Securities Donations

Did you know that securities and mutual funds donations are the most strategic way for donors to give? For your tax-savvy donors, it could be worth providing them the option to donate stock. Our donation forms also support securities donations, opening up securities donations for all charities, no matter your size. With a secure form, donors wishing to make securities donations no longer have to print off a PDF form and mail it in or reach out to a member of staff to make their donation. They can do so all with a few simple clicks on your charity's website. 

Bonus: Archway Community Services uses an embedded securities form explaining how these donations will help support the community. The way it is embedded and introduced makes the concept of donating securities more approachable. Like always, the donation form is matched to the branding and colours of their site.

If you’re not ready to create your own Securities donation form yet, you can also direct donors to CanadaHelps where donors can donate securities to any charity.

Time to create your own unique donation form.

We hope you enjoyed browsing these donation forms and were inspired by them as much as we were. Design a beautiful donation form supported by ecommerce best practices by using CanadaHelps’ Customizable Donation Forms. 

Whether you’re looking for an embedded form, multi-step form, tribute-first form, or linked donation page, our donation forms can do it all. 

Our donation forms have many features built in that make fundraising easier: 

  • Ability to add dedication
  • Corporate Giving
  • Branded eCards
  • Anonymous donor option
  • Securities giving
  • Custom question fields
  • And More…

Get started in minutes with our Customizable Donation Forms

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