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As we gear up for Make It Monthly 2024, let's take a moment to reaffirm its significance and the reasons for its success.

Why Monthly Giving?

Monthly giving offers a consistent, predictable stream of support, fostering a sense of personal investment in your donors. Beyond cementing a commitment, this approach simplifies the donation process, making it more manageable for donors to support your cause on an ongoing basis.

The Impact of Incentives

In a philanthropic landscape dotted with numerous causes, incentives can be the differentiator that directs support to your charity. Make It Monthly's design is not only about attracting new donors but also about nurturing existing ones through gratitude and recognition.

Crafting the Right Campaign

A successful Make It Monthly campaign hinges on a compelling narrative and an easy-to-access platform. This portion of the post will dive into the key elements of a winning campaign, including emotional storytelling, visibility, and the ease of giving. For more in-depth strategy around building a successful monthly program, check out our eBook on Growing Monthly Donors.

Webinar Insights: A Glimpse into the Make It Monthly

For a more immersive understanding of the Make It Monthly initiative, we've distilled the most impactful moments from last year's webinar. This clip-driven section allows you to garner wisdom from seasoned professionals and apply it to your charitable endeavours.

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