Benefiting From Car Donations Has Never Been Easier!

There's a new way for your donors to support your cause!

We've partnered with Donate a Car to make it easier than ever for you to invite your supporters to donate a car, truck, van, SUV, motorcycle, boat or RV. CanadaHelps now facilitate tax receipting and disburses the net proceeds of all Donate A Car donations.

The process is simple:

  1. Donors can submit a donation form to see if their vehicle is eligible to donate through the Donate A Car program.
  2. Within the donation form, donors can choose from any of Canada’s 86,000 registered charities to support (That means you!)
  3. The donor will schedule a towing appointment or drop their vehicle off at Donate a Car’s selling agent, who will sell or recycle your car with integrity and in an environmentally friendly way. 
  4. The chosen charity receives proceeds from the donor's car sale and the Donor receives a charitable tax receipt. All are easily disbursed and receipted through CanadaHelps.

How do I make the most out of this program?

Through Donate a Car, you can offer your donors one more way to show their support for your cause — no matter the size of the donation. Here’s how to promote and make the most out of this program.

1) Add Donate a Car to your "Ways to Give" Page

Find some space on your website and give your donors the option to donate their vehicles. It's an easy way to encourage more donations and make sure your supporters know you accept vehicle donations. Your "Ways to Give" page lists all the ways your supporters can contribute to your cause, and it is an invaluable outreach tool. So be sure to use this new resource to your advantage.

Here are some sample messages that you can use to describe the benefits of the program:

"Donate a car to support our cause. Your vehicle donation will help us continue our mission and you will receive a tax receipt for your generosity."
"Not using your car anymore? Donate it to us! Your vehicle donation will help raise additional funds for our organization and you'll get a tax receipt."

2) Promote Donate a Car as an additional way to give in a newsletter

Don't forget to promote Donate a Car in your newsletter or updates to donors. Whether it's through posts or stories, let your supporters know that they can now give back in more ways than one. Include the link to your "Ways to Give" page and encourage them to donate their cars if they are able.

Here are some sample messages you can use and adapt:

"Did you know that you can donate your car and support us? You can do that through CanadaHelps and their partnership with Donate a Car – click here for more information about how you can help make a difference today."

3) Send a "ways to give" email to your supporters

Email is a great way to reach out to your supporters and share the news. You can send an email reminding your Donors of all the different ways they can support your cause. You'll want to remind them of how thankful you are for their contributions, and that you're consistently looking for ways to make supporting your organization even easier. Include some information about Donate a Car and how they can donate their vehicle. If you have segmented lists, consider targeting those who have already donated to your cause in the past. They may be more likely to give again and a vehicle donation is an easy way for them to do so.

We hope these tips will help you make the most out of our new partnership with Donate a Car. Let your supporters know about this new and easy way to give back, and watch as your cause grows! With the help of Donate a Car, giving has never been easier.

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