Tax Receipting That Takes Minutes, Not Hours

Tuesday, 24th January, 1PM EST/10AM PST

Giving Season is an exciting time for many charities, hopefully you received many donations to your organization! However, lots of donations also means issuing lots of tax receipts. Heading into 2023, learn how you can make tax receipting not just faster but better and more accurate in our latest webinar.

Why should you join our webinar?

Donors choose to donate for many reasons, from compassion for those in need to personal beliefs. But, an added bonus for all those that donate is the tax benefit: 23% of Canadians that donate give partly for the tax credit benefits. The provision of a donation tax receipt is a great incentive for donors and being able to issue them is one of the most important benefits of becoming a registered charity! However, for charity professionals, tax season can be a headache - with the need for CRA compliance on one hand and the need to honor various donor preferences on the other. With the complexity involved in tax receipting, it’s almost no wonder that 89% of charities are issuing tax receipts inappropriately. In this webinar learn all about tax receipting and how a Donor Management System can help you make it a breeze. See how you can create CRA compliant tax receipts easily and cater to the tax receipt preferences of your donors and more with our easy-to-use Donor Management System!

Key Takeaways

What is required on official donation receipts?

What are some of the issues with manually managing tax receipts?

How can a Donor Management System make tax receipting easier?

And more…

Our Speaker

Lucas Froese

Senior Manager, Charity Engagement - Eastern Canada in Charity Engagement

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