Attract New Donors: Six Free Promotional Opportunities For Charities On CanadaHelps

The volume of unique visitors to our direct site for donors is quite astounding. Every month we get hundreds of thousands of Canadians that visit our website. And we have a conversion rate—the number of visitors who convert to a donor—that most e-commerce giants can only dream of. Really, your charity profile on CanadaHelps is the best free advertising that exists!

What is a Charity Profile?

The Charity Profile is a place to make it easy for the millions of Canadians that visit to find, get to know, and support your charity on—for FREE. It’s a place where you can upload your logo, share your mission, categorize your work, tell your impact story, and more!

Every Canadian charity has a profile with CanadaHelps, but those who take advantage of the easy customizations see more traffic and better results in terms of donations.

If you don’t currently have an online presence, this is a great way to capture online donors with little effort. Suppose you have an online presence already with your own website. In that case, this is a great addition to round out your visibility to potential donors who are unfamiliar with your organization or its mission.

Overall, there are 6 promotional opportunities to leverage with CanadaHelps Charity Profiles, and we will walk through each one. But first, let’s take a quick second to focus on why taking advantage of as many opportunities as possible has major benefits.

From defining your search settings and uploading your logo to launching your impact page, your profile shown to visitors on will help you reach new donors and raise more. We’ve seen charities that take advantage of all these opportunities raise 12 times more! Even something as simple as uploading your organization’s logo makes a difference.

Okay, now let’s get into the nitty-gritty of setting up your charity profile on CanadaHelps to ensure you attract as many donors as possible!

1. Upload your logo to showcase your brand

Your charity logo appears on your charity’s profile page, branded tax receipts, donation confirmation emails and in search results on Keep your branding consistent and professional by uploading a high-resolution logo to replace the placeholder image.

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Main Profile Page

2. Upload a main image to connect donors to your work

A picture is worth a thousand words, so the saying goes. Make your charity’s profile page inviting with a main image that helps illustrate your charity’s impact and connects with donors who are interested in donating to your cause.

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Main Profile Page ⟶ Page Visuals

3. Upload a Discovery image to attract visitors when we suggest your charity

The Discovery image appears in search results when donors use our Explore tool to find charities to donate to on Upload a compelling visual that conveys the essence of your charity. This can be a photo that you’ve taken yourself at an event, or it could be a stock photo that you think communicates a unique aspect of your charity’s cause.

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Discovery Settings

4. Set your charity’s scope of mission to help donors find your charity

Help more donors find your charity in a search on CanadaHelps by selecting the most suitable categories and geographical scope of your work. To select your scope of mission and categories, click “Discovery Settings” in your account's “Profile” area.

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Discovery Settings

5. Launch a campaign page for promoting your fundraising needs

Campaigns allow your charity to highlight and fundraise for a particular aspect of your mission that needs funding. We’ll promote your campaign on the campaign-browsing page on CanadaHelps all year round!

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Campaign Page

6. Create your impact page to share your impact story and results

With impact pages, you can begin effectively measuring and sharing your organization’s impact. Share your impact story and the outcomes of your work with donors on Your impact page will be accessible from your charity’s profile page.

Where to find it: Profile ⟶ Impact Page

Ready to get started? Login to your CanadaHelps Charity Account now and get optimizing so that you can benefit even more this giving season.

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