Recueillez davantage avec le Système de gestion des donateurs (SGD) CanaDon

Gagnez un nombre incalculable d'heures en automatisant les processus clés et obtenez les informations dont vous avez besoin pour entretenir des relations durables avec les donateurs.

Fini les feuilles
de calcul
Dites adieu aux feuilles de calcul encombrées, obsolètes et saisies manuellement.
Tout en un
seul endroit
Saisissez les courriels, les appels téléphoniques, les dons et l'activité des donateurs en un seul endroit central.
Recueillez plus
de dons
Traitez facilement les dons uniques et récurrents reçus en ligne ou hors ligne.
Envoyez des
courriels ciblés
Reçus fiscaux, notes de remerciement, campagnes segmentées et bulletins d'information. Utilisez notre outil intégré de marketing par courriel ou notre intégration avec Mailchimp.
Vue à 360°
Générer des rapports et utiliser des filtres personnalisés pour découvrir des informations clés et les partager avec les parties prenantes externes.
Importer des informations historiques
Importez facilement les données historiques des donateurs pour avoir une vue complète de vos efforts de collecte de fonds.


Danielle Gattinger

Paralympic Foundation Of Canada

"Canada DMS is a very user-friendly for our charity. We have received excellet support from staff whenever there are any issues/questions. It's been a great experience switching from our prior donor management system to the CanadaHelps DMS."

Alistair J.

Canadian Institute Of Linquistics

"As delighted users of the CanadaHelps charity platform, we wanted to leverage it's benefits into a new DMS. Further, we were able to do a historic data conversion into the DMS.

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Find and leverage the data you need, when you need it

Our Donor Management System was built especially for charities that fundraise with CanadaHelps. It's designed to help you better understand your donors so you can make informed decisions, cultivate relationships, and, ultimately, raise more money to fund your mission.

Organize your data

Maintain consistent records of your donors, all in one place. Get a 360-degree view of your donors preferences, donations, and how well campaigns are working

Access all of your data from CanadaHelps, which comes integrated with the DMS and is automatically updated with your donors and donation data.

Import your historical donor data for offline gifts (including cash and cheques) for a complete overview of your fundraising efforts.

Track your ongoing donor interactions and activities in one place, for more efficient and effective donor management over time.

Streamline administration

Save hours every month with automated tax receipting and email marketing.

Easily process one-time and recurring donations taken over the phone, in person, or from your direct mail response with our built-in payments option.

Issue tax receipts and send thank you messages in real-time, or on your schedule.

Communicate effectively with your donors using our built-in email tool, or our MailChimp integration.

Gain a better understanding of your supporters

Your entire team has access to all donor information at the touch of a button.

Access preset reports by campaign, campaign groups, and funds to better understand your donors.

View receipts reports that provide a full list of all contributions that have been issued a tax receipt.

Use filters to create reports that are customized for your organization’s stakeholders.

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< 15,000 contacts

For 15,000+ contacts, please email us for a custom quote.

*Custom training, data cleansing/migration services not included.

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