Webinar: Search Ads 101 - Turn Search Traffic into Donations

March 31, 2021

Looking to grow your donors? With search ads, you can help interested individuals find your site—and, with an optimized donation page, turn more of your site visitors into donors. Plus: as a charity, you could be eligible for $10,000 a month from Google Ad Grants to spend on search ads now.

Join special guests from the Google for Nonprofit Accelerator, and CanadaHelps fundraising expert, Lucas Froese, to learn:

• What search ads are and how they can help you acquire new donors;
• How to set up ads that will drive the right traffic to your site;
• The website best practices for converting your site traffic into donation dollars; and
• How to apply for a Google Ad Grant and start making the most of a $10,000 monthly ad spend.

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