Webinar: What Can We Look Forward To? Canada’s New Legacy Giving Campaign.

March 31, 2020

One of the biggest funding opportunities for charities today is through gifts in Wills. And yet, we’ve done very little to tap into this huge source of funds.

The latest research from the Canadian Association of Gift Planners (CAGP) shows only 5% of Canadians leave a gift in their Will to charity. A number that has not changed much in over a decade.

Encouraging even a small increase in the number of Canadians leaving gifts in Wills could raise billions more for charities. Enter Will Power, Canada’s new legacy giving campaign.

Delivered by the CAGP Foundation, Will Power promises to open-up $40B for charities across the country. Find out how your charity can benefit. Join our guests, Laurie Fox and Paul Nazareth from CAGP as they introduce you to Will Power, how it works, and how charities can take part.

This webinar covers:

• The new research on legacy giving that informs the campaign;
• How the campaign works;
• How your charity can take part and the benefits to you; and
• When Will Power is coming to your community.

About CAGP
CAGP is a national association that inspires and educates the people involved in strategic charitable gift planning. It advocates for a beneficial tax and legislative environment that strengthens philanthropic giving, creates a networking environment with like-minded professionals and experts, and provides access to outstanding learning opportunities and professional development.

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