How to Attract and Work with Skills Based Volunteers

January 20, 2022

Skills-based volunteering can help address a number of challenges facing nonprofits today. The pandemic has disrupted nonprofit operations and caused a higher reliance on digital tools to deliver programming. And many organizations are finding it harder to conduct their programming without improvements to their digital capabilities, making it clear that digital adoption is a much needed change for many nonprofits.

But how can your organization do this, if they cannot afford to hire tech professionals to fulfill their need for digital upgrades due to short-term demands and resource limitations?

This is where skills-based volunteering comes in, and we’re ready to show you how to fill this gap.

Learn how to:
- Bring in qualified digital talent to fill the digital gap
- Attract skilled volunteers to provide this talent at minimum to zero cost
- Leverage skilled volunteers to accomplish tasks effectively
- Skills based volunteers can make much bigger impact to your  organization and mission

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