3 Creative Examples from Charities Using Online Donation Forms

May 25, 2020

Online donation forms are an essential component of any fundraising strategy, as online giving becomes increasingly common among charities. An optimized donation form that is paired with a creative fundraising campaign is a surefire way to raise the most amount of money for your cause.

Here are some creative examples using CanadaHelps’ Customizable Online Forms to inspire your next virtual fundraising campaign:

1. Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton’s Fundraiser Takes Supporters on a Virtual Bike Ride

Avid cyclist and friend of the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton, Chef Mike, dedicated his basement gym cycling workout to fundraise supporting children and youth. He added some fun by taking supporters on a virtual bike ride from Burlington to Ottawa—turning his good health to a great cause and also to celebrate his 56th birthday. He asked everyone to donate and cheer him along by sending a “wave” via his Facebook page and Twitter profile. Donations were made to the foundation using a multi-step donation form embedded on the campaign page.

  • Their fundraiser: “Mike-a-thon” virtual bike ride
  • Their fundraising goal: $2,000 (raised $2,850 in total)
  • Duration: April 6th to April 27th
  • How they engaged their supporters: By encouraging them to follow Chef Mike as he rode a total of 500km, with an itinerary showing each city or town along the way. For each day on the itinerary, Chef Mike posted a video of his progress with some added fun for the audience.
  • Key features used in their Online Donation Form:
  • Branded form colours matching the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton’s website.
  • Optional donation dedication letting donors give in memory or in honour of their loved ones.
  • Custom thank you message automatically sent after donors give.

Take a look at the Children’s Aid Foundation of Halton’s campaign donation form below:

2. “DTES Response” Fundraiser Rallies Supporters to Help Keep Their Vancouver Community Safe

“DTES Response” was a coordinated effort led by the Network of Inner City Community Services Society between organizations in the DTES (Downtown Eastside of Vancouver). Their fundraiser focused on helping prevent the spread of COVID-19 among the area’s most vulnerable, and to mobilize resources and operations to help mitigate the challenges brought by the pandemic. A multi-step form linked from the DTES Response website was used to collect donations.

  • Their fundraiser: “DTES Response” fundraiser
  • Their fundraising goal: $100,000 (raised over $173,000 to-date)
  • Duration: March 24th to present
  • How they engaged their supporters: The “DTES Response” fundraiser asked supporters to donate, as well as share their compelling campaign page with friends and family to help raise more. The fund received an overwhelming number of donations that went toward community grants and projects to help the Downtown Eastside’s organizations continue with providing services and support to those at risk.
  • Key features used in their Online Donation Form:
  • Branded form colours matching the DTES Response’s website.
  • Custom background image giving donors a real-life look at the Downtown Eastside area.

Take a look at NICCSS’s campaign donation form below:

3. ONE TO ONE Literacy Society’s Fundraiser Asks for Support to “Keep the Pages Turning”

COVID-19 has put students at risk of falling behind and not being properly equipped for returning to school. To address this, ONE TO ONE Literacy Society launched a fundraising campaign to communicate the need to continue delivering tutoring help to their young readers. Their campaign is focused on ensuring that tutors have the necessary resources and training material in order to prepare their students when the time comes to go back to class. Using a classic one-page donation form embedded on their website, ONE TO ONE communicated their story and connected it with their appeal for support.

  • Their fundraiser: “Keep the Pages Turning” campaign
  • Their fundraising goal: $15,000
  • Duration: May 7th to June 19th
  • How they engaged their supporters: ONE TO ONE have been connecting with their supporters by telling a story about their mission, and how they’ve been navigating the impact the pandemic has had on their work. This story lets their supporters visualize their need for resources to support tutors and students in the coming school year.
  • Key features used in their Online Donation Form:
  • Fundraising progress bar showing their fundraising goal and how much has been raised so far.
  • Impact statements accompanying each suggested donation amount to demonstrate the difference donors can make when they give.
  • Optional donation dedication letting donors give in memory or in honour of their loved ones.

Take a look at ONE TO ONE Literacy Society’s campaign donation form below:

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